6 Expert Tips on Upholstery Cleaning

If you own upholstery in your home, you will agree that this piece adds magnificence to your space. Like every piece of furniture, cleaning your upholstery is paramount for longevity. But it’s not easy to maintain clean upholstered furniture because regardless of how much caution you apply, there’ll always be dust and debris to remove.

Homeowners may not get the hang of how to clean upholstery. It’s not as simple as washing clothes. This is why you need the right cleaning techniques to maintain them.

But not to worry, our upholstery experts at Ryan Carpet Cleaning have provided 6 professional tips on keeping your upholstery spotless and dirt-free. With these tips, you can have durable upholstery that looks good, clean and hygienic.

  1. Vacuum always: You can maintain clean upholstery with the aid of a perfect vacuum designed with appropriate attachments to spruce upholstery. This attachment resembles a mini vacuum with a rotatory brush that pulls out dirt and dents.

Vacuum clean your upholstery a minimum of one time per week. This way, you’re giving it a thorough clean to remove and prevent dirt from settling on it. Allowing dirt to stay long on your furniture will make them deeply rooted, and consequently, they will damage the fibre.

More life and less damage will happen to your upholstery should you give it a weekly vacuum clean. Granted, it won’t be easy to be committed to this cleaning routine, but the bonus is durability for your furniture.

Begin vacuuming from a direction, and don’t stop till a whole section is done. Repeat the vacuuming in the opposite direction. Handle your vacuum with care, and avoid exerting too much pressure on the upholstery.

  1. Study the upholstery care label: Manufacturers usually provide instructions on how to take care of the upholstery. They do this by writing a code onto the upholstery’s seam or attaching it beneath the piece. Different codes have different meanings: “W” means water-based cleaning agents can be used; “S” means just solvent-based cleaning products are allowed; “W, S” means both water or solvent are allowed; “X” means only vacuuming is permitted.

By adhering to these directions, you can be sure you’re cleaning your upholstered furniture the right way. Start by testing a cleaning agent on an inconspicuous part of the furniture to ensure it has no potential to stain or ruin the piece.

Even when we come for your upholstery cleaning, we would refer to the cleaning instruction before starting. You need to do this as well. Ask the manufacturer what products they recommend for your upholstery cleaning where possible.

Failing to apply the care instructions may render your warranty invalid should some of the upholstery get damaged.

  1. Avoid the use of excessive wet cleaning: Yes, you need to reduce the number of wet cleaning agents you apply for upholstery cleaning. Apply very little quantity, just sufficient to blot out the stain, and give it a good drying.

Too much wet cleaning will create a moist environment on the padding that bacteria can breed on. This can hurt the padding. Avoid generous use of solvent cleaners as they can harm the padding should they remain on the piece for an extended time with no drying.

We advise you to apply a small quantity of cleaner on the upholstery and wipe it down at once such that the furniture doesn’t absorb the cleaner. Repeat this technique till the stain or spot disappears, and you can have your upholstery in good condition.

  1. Wipe spills at once: Act fast to clean up any noticed spill on your furniture before it soaks in. Do this with a clean cloth.

Do well not to rub the cloth around the spill area, rather blot up the spill. This will absorb the wetness and stop it from spreading and penetrating the furniture.

Even when blotting up spills, use gentle force as too much pressure will make the furniture fabric absorb the moisture. Vacuuming spills is another method you can employ as it solely removes the moisture without letting it spread.

  1. Try DIY upholstery cleaning agents: Store-bought upholstery cleaning products or rug cleaners may cost good money, so you should try your home cleaning products. They work very well.

If it’s a bloodstain, hydrogen peroxide may help. Just apply a little on the stained area and allow it to settle for some minutes. Get a clean cloth and blot up the stain. This should get the stain out.

Where the stain is caused by grease or oil, add some salt to the area and let it soak up the oil for a little while. Get your vacuum and clean down the area.

Coffee stains can be dealt with using a combination of diluted vinegar and little dish soap.

For stains caused by red wine, drop salt on the area, apply hydrogen peroxide and finally clean up with water.

  1. Get expert upholstery cleaner: By hiring the professional upholstery cleaners, to spruce up your furniture, you give your upholstery the opportunity of an improved appearance for years. These specialists are trained and equipped to keep your upholstered furniture as clean as a baby’s cot. With this service, you can rest knowing that your pricey furniture is being taken care of the right way.