Aquaculture is a controlled process for commercial fish farming

dissolved oxygen meter for aquaculture
dissolved oxygen meter for aquaculture

Aquaculture cannot be done without a dissolved oxygen meter for aquaculture, which is part of a bigger water system. If you think of fish farming, or if you are in fish farming, you will know that there are several processes to go through, from breeding fish to hatching fish to growing fish and then to transporting fish. Each process is complex and requires special equipment. This equipment has got to be reliable and efficient. If the equipment fails, the fish die. If the equipment works well, each part of the process is an efficient one resulting in a good harvest.

Fishing is like farming but in the water

If you are unsure what aquaculture is, or why you need aquaculture meters, think about farming for plants or vegetables or even for livestock. The processes are similar except the aquaculture processes take place in water. It is not just fish that we are talking about harvesting or rearing but also plants, algae and other water organisms that have important roles to play. Aquaculture takes place in freshwater, in dam water, in river water and in seawater, and it takes place around the world and in different formats. Each format relies on water. And each format relies on water equipment.

Stage one of aquaculture

Stage one of aquaculture is where the breeding of fish takes place and where the hatching of the eggs takes place. This is all in the water and water has to be the right temperature with the right amount of oxygen, light, purity etc. Ponds and pumps and tanks are used for this. The fish are bred in stage one, but also harvested here, before being transferred to bigger ponds, dams or similar.

Stage two of aquaculture

This is where the small fish get transported to bigger ponds, dams or rivers, to grow. They are fed and they are nurtured here, because they need to be a certain size. Again, the water needs to have the right amount of oxygen, light and purity. Again, water systems are going to be used.

Stage three and four of aquaculture

The fish are now ready for harvest and stage three includes harvesting or collecting of the fish, again noting the conditions that are needed to keep fish fresh, or even alive, before they get to stage four which is packing the fish and transporting the fish to wherever they need to go, usually large fisheries where they then get distributed and sold to fish shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

The importance of equipment in aquaculture goes without saying. Without the right equipment, aquaculture or fish farming cannot take place. Fish farming is expensive but the profits are high. Processes need to be streamlined to stay cost effective and the best water systems with the best water equipment all need to be put in place. The people who put these systems in place are the water systems experts. They deal with all kinds of water systems including dissolved oxygen meter for aquaculture.