Yoga spaces and how the studio should reflect calm.

yoga instructor near me
yoga instructor near me

When you find a good yoga studio with a good yoga instructor near me you somehow just know that you have found the right place. I know when I walked into the yoga studio that I have now been going to for close to ten years, I immediately fell in love.  I walked into a space that felt light, modern and welcoming. It was bright, but not too bright, it was warm but not too warm, and the yoga teacher and the fellow yogis all emanated really good energy. I loved the candles, I loved the quiet music, I loved the gentle chanting and I loved that it was a non-threatening space in any way. Although I found yoga quite hard, in the beginning, I really liked that I could go at my own pace and take a break any time I wanted to. The child’s pose became a favourite pose for me.

Yoga and art

Yoga is an art! It is an art form and a yoga studio should feel like a quiet and creative space. It is a space for a person to breathe, think and be mindful, all at the same time as doing an exercise. There are different kinds of yoga and while I fell in love with Kundalini yoga, the type of yoga you choose to do depends on you. And in fact, while I do Kundalini, a lot of Kundalini is based on Yin. You get to know the kind of yoga you like and a good yoga studio will offer different kinds of yoga. Try Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative and any kind of yoga that your studio offers. They are all connected by similar poses, some are slower and gentler than others. Yoga is an art form, a yoga studio is a space for creativity and exploration and the beauty of yoga is that it is about you. It is about doing it at your level, your pace, with your own thoughts and mindfulness.

Yoga as a meditation

All yoga studios offer a mediation at the end of the yoga. Some yoga forms include the meditation in the yoga which is usually through music or chanting. The reason that I fell in love with my yoga studio was because I felt so comfortable, apart from the gentle and beautiful atmosphere. It did not matter if I knew the chants, it did not matter if I fidgeted through a meditation, it did not matter if I could do the poses beautifully or not at all. I learned that yoga is non-competitive and the only person you are competing with, when you do yoga, is yourself. It is a fantastic and really special practice.

Find a yoga studio near you that you fall in love with. And make sure you like the kind of yoga, which you will no matter what kind it is, and that you connect with the yoga instructor near me. You will know immediately if it is the right studio for you.